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Our Excel engineered product line is revolutionary in design, capacity and control within the industry. Excel Equipment is the legacy product line of Expert Crane. It all has since been rebranded as just Expert Crane to provide our customers with one comprehensive brand under one great company.

Expert Crane’s EXCEL DX HOIST has the capacity, design and control to be the top running double girder hoist in the industry. Our heavy duty integral frame supports up to 20-tons based on the highest quality design standards with a twenty plus year design life for your material handling success. Our DX Hoist has undergone thorough product testing that provides you with the safest and most reliable performance every time.
For decades, Expert Crane has been an OEM manufacturer of one of the most powerful and durable “built-up” crane product lines around and are proud to support your business with our DX Hoist cranes. Many different speeds and lifts are available, as well as motorized trolleys and bridge wheel types.

Our Excel DX Hoist products are simply the best performing,
most reliable hoist from anyone, anywhere!


Duty Cycle: CMAA “D” & “E” FEM “3m” & “4m”
Capacity: 5 to 40 U.S. Tons
Reeving: True Vertical Lift
Wire Rope: U.S. & Euro Standards Available
Lift: Standard 30’-0” (all lifts available)
Hoist: 8 to 60 F.P.M.
Trolley: 50 to 125 F.P.M.
Trolley Gage: 55 1/8”, 66” & 78” Standard
(all gages available)
Low Headroom Configuration: 24” for perpendicular mount hoist drum 18.5” for parallel mount hoist drum

  • Safety: Hoist overload prevention circuit, Hoist raise slow down & stop limit, Hoist lower stop limit, Hoist & Trolley Brakes: D.C. rectified
  • Rotating Trolley Axle Design
    4150 Pre Heat Treated Trolley Wheels
    20:1 Drum and Sheave to Rope Ratios.
    Hoist motor: Continuous duty, inverter rated TEFC, Class “F” insulation with motor klixon
    Trolley motors: Continuous duty, TENV, Class “F” insulation.
    Options: Magnet Duty & Brake Slippage Alarm
    2-Year Limited Warranty

Hoist: Flux vector inverter with encoder standard
Trolley: Inverter control standard

DX Hoist options:

  • Parallel Mount
  • Magnet Duty
  • Brake Slippage alarm
  • All Lift Heights
  • All Trolley Gages
  • Custom Applications
  • Coil Handling


Design Life – Our Excel DX Hoist has both a design and estimated actual life of 20-plus years, minimum life for non-replaceable parts. The smallest Gearbox bearing we offer operates at 80,000 hours full capacity with 24-hour continuous service.

Duty Cycle – CMAA Class “D” Minimum – Our equipment life works at the least 80,000 hours at full capacity duty on non-replaceable parts, all others exceed these hours. All service factors are “D” minimum with replaceable trolley bearings at 10,000 hours.

Component Availability – Our DX Hoist has commercially available components that can be obtained from many suppliers, at a very competitive price, with short lead-times.

Ease of Maintenance – The modular design allows for easy access to replace components and parts.

Long-term Savings – Its commercial parts and 20-year life save you approximately 40% more than the cost of “packaged” hoist equipment.

Safety Features – Drivecon controls are capable of the packaged hoist safety features such as: Anti-snag, Load Share, Anti sway, etc.

Application Design – Equipment designed for the application. Built around heavy paced fabrication and steel warehousing operations.

Our DX Hoist has additional superior features specified to the type of crane system and capacity that benefit you for all your material handling needs. For part descriptions, competitive pricing and design life, click here or Contact us at 800-860-6680.

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