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Case Studies

Expert Crane Manufactured, Transported, & Installed (14) 10-ton Overhead Cranes

Location: Heath, Ohio

Customer Needs: A customer needed (14) 10-ton overhead cranes transported to their facility on a flexible schedule that worked around the new building construction plan. The cranes followed an install plan of (8) in the first phase and (6) in the second phase.

Solution: Expert Crane manufactured these custom cranes to the required specifications. They utilized their Ford F-450 and 45 ft. trailer to haul 2 cranes at a time while working with the customer’s schedule to not impede on the new building construction. After arriving at the facility, the Expert Crane team worked to install the cranes at their customer’s facility and performed various quality, startup, and load test operations to make sure that the equipment was functioning correctly and to the highest standards. The first install run of the 8 cranes was then completed. This allowed for the overhead cranes to be utilized for machine installation through the duration of the construction project.

Result: Expert Crane manufactured (14) 10-ton overhead cranes for their customer. While utilizing a custom design, the cranes were assembled using commercially available components and a modular design that allows for increased productivity and reduced downtime during maintenance. Expert Crane was able to meet the customer’s timeframe for the phase one installation without impeding on the construction of the new building. With this equipment in place, the customer can expect to see their cranes running longer and at higher production levels than they have experienced in the past.

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