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Service with Integrity Since 1977


Trust Expert Crane’s long-standing quality and immediate service to reduce downtime and increase production time for maximum productivity.

At Expert Crane, our primary focus is safety.

Greatly reduce downtime by planning for repairs before they turn into breakdowns.

Complete mechanical, structural and electrical crane inspection programs for your facility.

We keep our customers running longer and at higher production levels than our competition.

Our suggested repairs focus on giving you the confidence your equipment will work when you need it!

Contact us today to keep your crane systems up and running with reliability and trust.


Our crane service technicians and sales staff are fully trained in OSHA 1910.179, CMAA, NEC 610 and ANSI/ASME Overhead Crane Regulations.

Information is critical. Every inspection concludes with a comprehensive review of the condition of your equipment.  We will keep you informed about what is working, what needs to be repaired and recommendations to keep you and your operators safer every day.

Our OSHA-compliant Inspection Programs and complete Preventative Maintenance programs are designed to keep crane repair costs and lost production at a minimum for our Expert Crane customers, while providing the safest possible environment for their employees.


Expert Crane works efficiently and accurately to service your new equipment needs. We employ quality checkpoints throughout our installation process, to ensure that we meet and exceed your overhead crane needs.

    • Application consultation
    • Runway design, fabrication and installation
    • Degreed and licensed engineers on staff
    • Laser runway survey, alignment, and leveling
    • Efficient relocation of all types of cranes, hoists, and material handling systems


Expert Crane can perform crane upgrades, refurbishment, and modifications, both in the field and at our facility, to get your older equipment operating with today’s technology and potential.

  • Girder refurbishment
  • Capacity upgrades
  • Cab / pendant / radio conversions and upgrades
  • Control modernizations
  • Hoist / trolley / end truck reconditioning
  • Component speed upgrades
  • Two-speed to VFD conversions
  • Cross bridge electrification upgrades
  • Complete reverse engineering capabilities


Offering a partnership with accountability, transparency, and peace of mind.


We meet each year and negotiate service rates, parts markups, responsibilities, and goals. These become the guidelines for interaction between our companies.


With a Crane Partner Agreement, customers have the ability to contact us or come in to our facility at any time and check into the veracity of a project. We will display our labor hours and material costs for the project, confirming that we have abided by the rules established within the agreement.

Peace of Mind

We take responsibility for keeping your equipment up and running, so we can decrease your maintenance costs and downtime in the long run. With crane partners we establish goals for the equipment that will increase safety and reliability. We work with you to get your equipment in the best position possible.

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